It’s Not HOW You Help
It’s THAT You Help

It is our responsibility to protect the children around us. We at The Warrior Battalion understand that not everyone may feel comfortable contributing in the same way, but we believe everyone can do something to help the fight.
Continue reading to learn how you can help us save the lives of so many children.

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Lead the Army

Our army members are on the front line, working directly with children in schools.

Become a Warrior Today!
Become a Warrior Today!

For this reason, each person must pass a background check, thorough interview process and training before becoming a member. Every year, army members provide child protection by educating classrooms about what child abuse is and how they will be protected if and when they come forward.

Army members are also available in school during designated hours so children can report their abuse.

In the event that abuse is reported, an army member will begin the child protection process, involving non-offending family members and local authorities.

They will walk the family through our process of keeping the child safe and will provide them with multiple resources to get the child the care they need.

Volunteer Service Sundays

We work with local churches to empower and educate congregants to take a stand against child abuse. Volunteers work with church leadership to create armies, educate children in Sunday School and create healing groups for families.

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Community Connections

We partner with local counseling agencies and non-profits that also support survivors of abuse.  If your organization helps children who have been abused, we would love to partner with you too.

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Donate to Fund the Fight

Your generous donation will fund our mission to help educate and protect children and to support to survivors of child abuse on their journey toward healing. 

Take Action Now!

It’s ok if you don’t have time to volunteer in the school system. We have many programs designed to contribute to our goal of child protection.

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