The Warrior Battalion Mission

To supply protection and support to every child who has experienced abuse, encouraging them to speak up and put an end to abuse once and for all.

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Why We Work to Prevent Child Abuse

When 12 year old *Joe first told his mother about his abuse, he was adamant that she not tell anyone else. Her response was simple: 

"You are a warrior, and every warrior needs an army to help them fight. So I have to tell people who will support you as you fight."

They quickly enlisted friends, detectives and counselors in their battalion to protect Joe and seek justice. Joe later told the perpetrator that he had an entire army around him now and could no longer be abused.

At that moment, Joe went from a VICTIM to a WARRIOR. 

Most children never report their abuse, as they are often threatened by their perpetrators. Unfortunately, many non-offending parents don’t do anything to prevent child abuse. In order to feel safe coming forward, every abused child needs an army behind them.

Members of this army will advocate for child safety by helping to report the abuse and leading non-offending family members to assemble a battalion of their own. Army support doesn’t stop there. Members will guide the child, putting an end to the abuse, establishing a path toward healing and continuously working to prevent child abuse....from ashes to beauty.

Every school needs a volunteer army to support child victims and educate others to prevent child abuse. 

Army members will regularly educate children about the nature of abuse, things perpetrators commonly say to manipulate their prey and the process of reporting. Army members will also serve as sherpas, guiding family members through the criminal courts, civil processes and therapeutic mountains that appear after an outcry of abuse.

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It’s ok if you don’t have time to volunteer in the school system. We have many programs designed to protect victims and prevent child abuse going forward.

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